About Us

Content publishing is the new niche media and many people today are taking up this mantle by creating blogs and websites, YouTube channels, by using social media systems and sharing content that engages them personally. Learning is not all about books anymore and modes of learning are changing. It is a digital age.

The word-centered media will continue to be an indispensable learning tool in the foreseeable future. The websites, in reality, are not so dissimilar from books. But they are much more interactive, constantly changing updating and staying current. They provide an opportunity for instant communication with authors and content creators. Information can be cross-referenced quickly and easily and that is partially why people enjoy getting their news from the web, subscribe to podcasts and online encyclopedias, stream music and movies online.

E-books and audio books are becoming more popular each day. Countless reference materials, journals, college textbooks and rare books are being published electronically now. Media, content, and information are instant, customizable, interactive, flexible, mobile, and more conveniently accessed than ever. This types of media are easily accessible by global audiences too, something that most printed materials can rarely achieve. Though some are intimidated by these changes, in reality, the joy of learning, research, and discovery are becoming available to more people than ever before. My Zion LLC is a part of this content delivery evolution.